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We Provide Essential Services For Your Health Care
About MedicaLife

We Provide Essential Services For Your Health Care

A wide range of healthcare services for your entire family. Nasa healthcare was established with the objective of providing access to high quality and affordable healthcare services. It is focused on delivering health solutions in diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, and patient education.

Quality of Care Services

NASA Healthcare serves every individual round-the-clock with high standard healthcare services among a wide range of specialties in a comfortable, patient-centric environment.

Standards of Treatment

At NASA Healthcare, we are focused on wellness. We are striving to enhance the quality of life, not mere sickness management. Our healthcare delivery system is attuned to providing transparent, inclusive, cost-effective services that are in harmony with the growing local needs.

Infection Prevention

NASA Health care prevents infection levels with its well advanced and expert counselling team guidance.

24/7 Working Time

We take pride in delivering consistent and uninterrupted services to our clients all day

Best Medical & Healthcare

Trust Us To Be There To Help All & Make Things Well Again

NASA Healthcare proovens in delivering excellent care for a wide range of tertiary healthcare services with personalized and ethical Next Generation Medicare.

Medical Advices & Check Ups

Trusted Medical Treatment

Emergency Help Available 24/7

Medical Research Professionals

Our Team

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Morale and attitude of the patient is given due attention. The doctors and entire para- medical team puts in best efforts to make the patients feel happy. Our Doctor’s  calls for involvement, respect and willingness to help all other people.

State-of-the-art facilities with the best doctors team in United State of America to help providing quality of life and transparent, inclusive, cost-effective services


Dr. Agnes Aondo DNP, APRN

NASA Healthcare Services is now open for in-person visits, Saturday, and Sunday by appointment only and telehealth appointments.

Agnes Aondo is the Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Founder of NASA Healthcare services- a medical center that treats chronic illness and sickness and provides education to help you get well and live longer.

She is a caring dedicated medical provider, a Christian, mom, wife who enjoys community services in giving back to communities and keeping them safe. Agnes Aondo is a member of many groups that participates in medical camps abroad that treat and screen low-income communities.

Dr. Agnes Aondo is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over seven years of experience in Family practice / Internal medicine. She graduated with a Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2021 from the University of North Dakota. She graduated with her Master’s degree in 2016 from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

At NASA Healthcare Services our goal is to help you live a long quality life. At NASA Healthcare you are central to our care. We help you to prioritize your own health. We utilize preventive/wellness visits. Combine medications and healthy lifestyles to help you feel better and live a happier life. At NASA Healthcare Services we Really Care About You!

NASA Healthcare Services is now open for in-person visits, Saturday, and Sunday by appointment only and telehealth appointments.

Kishor Manda, Billing Manager

Meet Kishor Manda “Charlie” the Billing Manager at Nasa Healthcare Services.

He has over 13 years of experience in the US Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and handles billing related questions at the clinic. Charlie’s goal is to help the clinic Operate more efficiently and to enhance the patient experience at Nasa Healthcare Services.

He enjoys traveling and spending more time with his Friends & Family.

Emergency Calls Medical Care 24/7

NASA Health Services offers unique 24×7 Medical Emergency Response cover to all its patients.


+1 317-701-7296